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Frances Hattier

Frances Ann Hattier

Houston, TX


"Look beyond what you initially see with your eyes. Instead open yourself up to your inner self; see with your emotions; experience the beauty and soul that exists in all that is around you."


Born in and raised in New Orleans, Ann (as she likes to be called) has been taking photographs since she was a young child. Her earliest memories were of taking photos of a family event with one of her auntís cameras. Only four at the time, she showed early on that she had a natural ability for the craft.

Self-taught, Annís earliest inspirations came from the works of Ansel Adams and Edward Weston. She was fascinated how they used light and shadow in their work. She wanted to do in color what they did in black and white.

Over the years, Ann has developed a strong sense of color, form and texture. She captures in her photographs not just the subject but the emotions and feeling that she senses from her subjects. She has a way of seeing both visually and emotionally what most people overlook.

Several years ago Ann made the slow transition into the digital world. At first reluctant, she soon discovered the digital world offered her more creativity with her work. The best being the digital darkroom.

Accomplishments include several gallery group shows and juried show in and around New York City. Published works can be found in several photography annuals. Awards have included The Award of Excellence in Photography, The Certificate of Excellence in Photography and The Award of Merit in Photography.

Today Ann makes her home in Houston, Texas.

All photographs and artworks in this portfolio are copyrighted and owned by the artist, Frances Ann Hattier. Any reproduction, modification, publication, transmission, transfer, or exploitation of any of the content, for personal or commercial use, whether in whole or in part, without written permission from myself is prohibited. All rights reserved.


Snoozing Lion by Frances Ann Hattier


Architectural Detail 3 by Frances Ann Hattier


Historic Detail Architecture 2 by Frances Ann Hattier


Open Your Heart by Frances Ann Hattier


The Beauty of Wrought Iron by Frances Ann Hattier


In The Window by Frances Ann Hattier


Wrought Iron and White by Frances Ann Hattier


On The Corner Of ST Peter by Frances Ann Hattier


Five and Dime by Frances Ann Hattier


Architectural Detail 1a by Frances Ann Hattier


Window Reflecting Upon Window by FrancesAnn Hattier


A Look of Yesteryear by Frances Ann Hattier


Faces Within The Tree by Frances Ann Hattier


Trees In Winter by Frances Ann Hattier


Poetic Tree by Frances Ann Hattier


Trees and Branches in Silhouette by Frances Ann Hattier


Abstract Reflection by Frances Ann Hattier


Fish Scaling Building by Frances Ann Hattier


Palm Frands by Frances Ann Hattier


Architecture on Canal Street by Frances Ann Hattier


527 Raw Furs by Frances Ann Hattier


The Three Leaves by Frances Ann Hattier


Wreath of Christmas Balls by Frances Ann Hattier


Stained Glass Windows by Frances Ann Hattier


Lamppost on Pink by Frances Ann Hattier


Reflections of Fire in Water by Frances Ann Hattier


Cannnos at The Cabildo by Frances Ann Hattier


Golden Overhang by Frances Ann Hattier


Jackson Square by FrancesAnn Hattier


Lamppost by Frances Hattier


Leaves And Branches Pattern by Frances Hattier


Reflection at 840 by Frances Hattier


NAB Wrought Iron by Frances Hattier


Window Reflection Study by Frances Hattier


Fleur Di Lis Wonderland by Frances Hattier


The Window Above by Frances Hattier


Door and Window 403 by Frances Hattier


In The Window by Frances Hattier


Now Showing Rhamus by Frances Hattier


Sticker Graffiti by Frances Hattier


Backlit lamp by Frances Hattier


Window in The Window by Frances Hattier


Eye See You by Frances Hattier


Blue Seven by Frances Hattier


Building In Abstract by Frances Hattier


Squares and Rectangles by Frances Hattier


Masked Building by Frances Hattier


Remeberance of Mardi Gras by Frances Hattier